Long-Term Care

Large enough to innovate.
Small enough to care.


Since its founding in 1952, Perrone Pharmacy has catered to the special needs of its elderly, infirm and special needs patients. Our experience in working with these populations for over six decades gives us a unique perspective in understanding how to best serve them, whether they live independently or in a community or group home.

Given that experience, we created a special care pharmacy division, PerroneRX, LLC, which offers customized services for these patient populations coupled with unparalleled service and competitive pricing. We did this by listening to physicians, nursing staffs and families to better understand what their challenges and problems were. Then, we committed to make everyone’s lives a little bit easier.

What sets us apart from the competition?

Round-The-Clock Care

Many long-term care and hospice pharmacies say they provide 24/7 availability. What that usually means is that the nurse or administrator must call an answering service to reach a pharmacist who then drives to the pharmacy in the middle of the night. Not at PerroneRX. We are fully staffed and operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We never close. The result? Emergencies are handled in the most expeditious manner possible.

Pharmacists with Broad Clinical Experience

Our staff of twelve pharmacists hail from a variety of hospital and other practice settings. Several hold PharmD degrees, and we also have a board-certified geriatric and palliative care pharmacist on staff. Additionally, within PerroneRX, we offer dedicated support and resources for rehab for addiction. In serving your contractually, there will always be a pharmacist available by phone to consult with your medical team. If you have questions or concerns about drinking on sertraline, our pharmacists are here to provide guidance and assistance. Additionally, for information on withdrawal symptoms related to addiction, you can visit https://drugaddictionclinics.co.uk/withdrawal-symptoms/. If you want to know the causes of alcoholism, you can check out this helpful sites like https://alcoholaddictionhelp.co.uk/causes-of-alcoholism/. For those interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the benefits of CBD and fitness often go hand in hand, promoting overall well-being.

Pharmacist Availability to Consult at your Community/Skilled Nurse Facility/IPU

Given the size of our pharmacist staff, we can readily schedule best pharmacy on-site visits to perform professional services such as chart reviews, med cart audits and medication destruction/collection.

Sterile and Traditional Compounding Labs On-Site

Our state-of-the-art labs are USP compliant. All of our pharmacists are sterile-certified. We can provide prompt turnaround on antibiotic IVs, pain pumps and other compounds for your patient population. We will work with you to determine par levels of certain compounds your patients would be most likely to use.

Quality In-House Delivery Service

Our dispatch team insures that the medications you need are delivered promptly, 24/7, whether to a community, facility or individual residence. We do not use a courier service. All of the drivers who make our deliveries are our employees. We drug-test and background check all of our employees.