Vitamins, Nutritionals & Supplements

Confused by all of the conflicting information about vitamins, herbs, essential oils and nature’s cures? We’ve been around long enough to know that there are plenty of wonderful items with healing and/or preventive properties which have withstood the test of time … centuries in fact!

At Perrone Pharmacy, you will find a selection of products ranging from the "latest and greatest" discovery to the oldest of tinctures, treatments, potions and salves. The difference is that we offer these products for sale coupled with expert, unbiased advice. Unlike the “vitamin store” franchises, we employ health care professionals who can speak knowledgeably about a particular food, vitamin, supplement or medication’s effect.

One of our pharmacists, Kim Perrone, is also an acupuncturist and has studied extensively the use of natural products. Another of our pharmacists, Greg Gossman, PharmD, has had a lifelong interest in vitamins, nutritionals and supplements and their role in disease prevention. Our team of pharmacists, working closely with our health and wellness team associates, will help you navigate the maze of products in the marketplace and to differentiate between those which may be redundant or those which may actually reduce the efficacy of a medication or other nutritional which you may be taking.

Our pledge to you: we will never push any particular product because it is on "special" from the manufacturer nor will we "hard sell" you any vitamins, nutritionals or supplements you may have an interest in trying. Instead, we will answer your questions honestly and coordinate a cost-effective wellness regime. Here’s to your health!