About Us

Since its founding in 1952, Perrone Pharmacy has catered to the special needs of its elderly, infirm and special needs patients. Our experience in working with these populations for six decades gives us a unique perspective in understanding how to best serve them, whether they live independently or in a community or group home.

Given that experience, we created a special care pharmacy division, PerroneRX, LLC, which offers customized services for these patient populations coupled with unparalleled service and competitive pricing. We did this by listening to physicians, nursing staffs and families to better understand what their challenges and problems were. Then, we committed to make everyone’s lives a little bit easier.

Hospice Pharmacy Services

Once a patient is placed in hospice care, we can provide quality palliative care pharmacy services for both the patient and the hospice provider. What a hospice patient needs is medication to relieve pain and anxiety, delivered in a prompt, caring and secure manner. What the hospice provider needs is a pharmacy partner to assure that the patient’s needs are met, that knowledgeable and experienced pharmacists are willing to participate as members of the interdisciplinary team of care and that the pharmacy will partner with the hospice provider in medication and delivery cost management.

What sets us apart from the competition?

First, we have sixty years of experience in handling medications many pharmacies do not even stock, including those medications commonly prescribed for hospice patients. Not only are our pharmacists knowledgeable in handling these medications, they have the requisite clinical experience to best advise your staff. We also have our own compounding labs on-site, including a sterile room. In addition, our pharmacists and in-house legal team assure compliance with all state and federal regulations.

Second, we not only work with most all hospice pharmacy benefit managers, we also offer competitive per patient per diem rates and customized formularies. We also have a hospice benefit administration service with a nationwide network through our industry partner, AmerisourceBergen. Through this alliance, we can provide you with hospice pharmacy services through our pharmacy in the North Texas area and manage the selection of other pharmacy partners in geographic service areas outside of North Texas. This provides your hospice with the convenience of one invoice for multiple service locations.

Third, we perform drug testing and background checks on all of our employees, including our drivers. In addition, our employees who deliver medications have their driving records checked for safety violations. Our delivery personnel drive our fleet vehicles, with appropriate insurance coverage. We do not utilize courier services as we believe that having as much control over the delivery process as possible is the best way to provide superior, secure service.

Lastly, the most important difference is our commitment to live up to the standards set by our founder, Paul Perrone. Quite simply, his life mission was to help others. Our company’s mission is to continue his legacy.

Long Term Care Pharmacy Services

For years we have offered blister-packed medications to residents in independent, assisted living and skilled nursing communities. Yet, we wanted to offer our residents and the communities in which they live an option in innovation … a system of medication administration which marries the best available technology with the best possible service.

So we traveled the country, viewing different medication administration systems, both at a variety of communities and at long term care pharmacies alike. While there are advantages and disadvantages to every system on the market, and while we continue to offer blister-packed medications, we now offer easy-to-use, cost-effective compliance packaging.

This system packages all medications the patient takes at a given time into one packet per dosing period. The packets are on a strip which can easily be separated, then torn open. Each packet can be bar-coded for EMAR recordation. PRN, controlled substances and medications which change frequently can be run in single-dose strips. Every time a medication is discontinued, PerroneRX exchanges your patient’s strip packaging containing the discontinued medication with a new strip without that medication.

Some long term care pharmacies have resisted changing the type of packaging systems and shortening the dispensing cycle for their assisted living and skilled nursing communities because of capital investment and labor requirements. Our use of advanced technology is not only an investment in our future, but a way of giving back to those families and communities who have trusted us for decades.

The resulting long term care pharmacy practices we have implemented can significantly reduce the risk of medication error while greatly reducing nursing staff time. What this means to the community is that its employees can spend more quality time with the residents. What this means to the communities, residents and their family members is greater peace of mind and greater savings.