You Can’t Manage
What You Can’t See.

Are you partially or fully self-funding your health care and prescription drug benefit? If you are, you may have more options than you think when it comes to the prescription drug benefit.

It is no secret that management of your employees’ prescription drug benefit is a hassle. Employees grumble about mandatory mail order and specialty pharmacy is a climbing cost. You hear about the coming flood of cheap generics on the market but are you seeing any real savings?

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Hidden costs imbedded in formulary design, rebate structuring and provider reimbursements substantially add to your plan’s expense. Unless your pharmacy benefit manager is offering you 100 percent transparency and a pass-through benefit model, you may be missing cost savings.

Perrone RX, in conjunction with pharmacy benefit managers who are industry partners, offers extraordinary service options while working with your employee population to educate them about their use of medications and making the delivery of their prescription drugs hassle-free.

It saves your employees time and money and makes them more productive and appreciative of the benefits you offer.

Employees will have access to a nationwide network of participating independent community pharmacies, as well as retail chain pharmacies.

Perrone RX is a key partner in the next generation in pharmacy benefits administration. Our program gives employers client-focused attention. We listen to your objectives, and work with you to help you choose a PBM best suited to serve your needs.

With PerroneRX as your valued partner in your employees, prescription drug health, you can expect:

  • Personalized service from community pharmacists who stay involved with patient care
  • Mail order and courier options, such as job site delivery of medications
  • No mandatory sole-sourcing of Specialty Pharmacy prescriptions
  • Options for on-site immunizations and pharmacy health education

In short, our model takes prescription care out of the hands of Wall Street, and into the hands of community pharmacists who care about your employees and their families.

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